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Huoguo our handsome deer red Chongqing dog,
deer red is a desired colour within the Chongqing dog breed standard.
On a warm Sunny day the light bounces of his coat
and it becomes very striking indeed, with a flash of his flowered blue tongue
he is a very handsome young male.

Huoguo a little bit younger than our older two Chongqing dogs
fits into the little pack very well.
He loves spending time with all the dogs and plays with his sister the whole day. They have a very close bond and can easy make you laugh with the games they play.

Huoguo name in Chinese means Chongqing hot pot a special meal
that all people of Chongqing enjoy on special occasions.
Huoguo comes directly from well respected breeder in Chongqing City,
we worked very hard on to secure Huoguo coming to live with us here in Holland.

He is kind and loving young dog that loves to play and run around our land with his sister.
We love him very much and he is a wonderful example of the breed with his mother being a very famous female from Chongqing city itself.

We will keep you updated with Huoguo development .

Here you can find more photos of Huoguo.

Huoguo in the booklet of the Chinese Kennel Club

A very proud moment, the Chinese Kennel Club have produced and booklet explaining the breed standard and one of Chongqing Dogs.
Huoguo has been used to promote the breed in the booklet.
We are very happy and proud of our beautiful Chongqing Dog Huoguo.