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Lilly is sister to our young male Huoguo both coming direct
from a excellent breeder in Chongqing city.

Lilly is very much like her mother and we are very excited about this.
Already as a young puppy you could see the excellent quality
of this young female.

She is very loving and a little naughty but gets away with so much
as she is very clever.

She loves cuddles and kisses and her nickname is Lilly kisses
and she is always coming over to say hello.
Some times she drives the other dogs a little crazy as she has so much energy but playing with her brother helps with that.

Lilly is a very beautiful example of a Chongqing dog and has all the details that are required in the breed standard in the correct proportion,
we are very excited about this beautiful young female.

We get so much pleasure from all our dogs but Lilly does seem to stand out with her bold little character, never shy and always testing her boundaries with in the house and pack.

All the dogs love her and she knows just how far she can play everyone,
a real little princess.

We often take all the Chongqing dogs on walks to socialise them in crowded public places and were ever we go these little ancient Chinese beauties
get a lot of attention.
We are proud to have them living with us and promoting this ancient wonderful breed here in Europe.
For us they are family but we love sharing our enthusiasm
for the Chongqing dog with everyone who is interested in the breed.
We will keep you updated on Lilly kisses progress .

Here you can find more photos of Lilly.