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Mei-Li is sister to Zhu-Long our young male , both very beautiful examples of the breed, with excellent head type already at such a young age.

We have obviously had this brother and sister from a young age and been able to learn so much about the breed living with these two puppies.
Chongqing dog puppies are very adorable puppies
and the house is never quiet with them around.

Mei-li is very loving and always walking around wit something in her mouth to give you as a gift as a sign of friendship.
She has a strong character but that is needed growing up with her Cheeky brother.
Mei-Li loves to say hello to all our visitors but likewise is a great little watch dog never missing anything going on.

A Chongqing dog is very intelligent with great senses and Mei-Li displays these breed characteristics very well.

Mei-Li loves playing on the land and the speed of these little dogs is quiet amazing to see,
all our other dogs struggle to keep up when its play time with the Chongqing Dogs around.

Mei-Li is one of Moniques favourites as she loves cuddles and kisses
and in the evening on te sofa it is very warm
with all these little characters laying wit you.

Mei-Li is a very beautiful young feamle and we are very proud to have her.

Here you can find more photos of Mei-Li.