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Zhu-Long is our very beautiful young male Chongqing Dog.
At a very young age you could see this puppy would turn into a very fine example of the breed.
He had presence and wonderful breed type already at such a young age.
His construction, movement, breed type and wonderful striking colour
made him stand out as a very young puppy.
Years of working with dogs helped us to see the qualities in him
at such a young age.

From the start Zhu-Long has had a very play full, loyal character.
He is extremely social and loves the company of all our animals, one of his best friends being one of our kittens.
He can play all day but likewise loves sleeping on the sofa with us in the evening when we are talking or watching the television.

There is never a dull moment with him around as he is always able to put a smile
on your face with his Cheeky character.
He is very intelligent and wise for such a young dog but really this is part of what has enabled this ancient breed to stand the test of time,
highly adaptable little dogs with very large characters.
We have used Zhu-long to help promote the breed at shows and gatherings as he is such a wonderful ambassador of the breed.

We will keep you updated of this little Chinese man and his daily adventures.

Here you can find more photos of Zhu-Long.